Convoke Press

CONVOKE Newsletter
As designer and project manager at CONVOKE Press, a small art book publisher I have many roles that include creating branding materials, retouching photos, communicating with book stores and editing motion graphics to name a few. Above is a mailable newsletter I designed that doubled as a poster showcasing our books and prints. 

Below are motion graphics I created to showcase our products utilizing Instagram Highlights.

The videos highlight the following projects:
1. Cherry Blossom by Rkyer Allen in collaboration with Jack Pierson
2. Utopia Centerfold At Play a collaboration by Ina Jand, Dean Sameshima, and Brandon Isralsky
3. Things "R" Queer a postcard set by Joseph Maida

Below are examples of a number of tapes I designed to be used in mailings as well as decoratively on packaging for our items.